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LemonTree is a premier provider of English language training in Hong Kong. Lemon Tree students attend international and top choice primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong.

The Three Finger Technique


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The Three Finger Technique

Michelle Edwards

Tips for Parents

Teaching children to speak in full English sentences can be a difficult task. A simple way to help children grasp English structure is to use the Three Finger Technique. 

Simply hold up your three middle fingers, each representing one of the three main parts of English sentences; Subject (S), Verb (V) and Object (O). 

As you speak short sentences (ie I like cake) with young children, make a habit of lowering a finger as you speak each word. In time, children will begin to mimic the three fingers, associate them with English subjects, verbs and objects and best of all, they will develop their own habit of speaking complete sentences.  

The Three Finger Technique is a simple yet effective way to introduce and reinforce basic English structure for young children. This is a critical language concept that needs to be learned early. Using this tip can assist children in achieving this important development. 

This is part of ‘Getting English Right!’