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G33-35, Plaza Ascot, Fo Tan
Hong Kong


LemonTree is a premier provider of English language training in Hong Kong. Lemon Tree students attend international and top choice primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong.

What We're About

What We're All About!

What is Lemon Tree? 

Lemon Tree is an English language centre that has served its community since 1999, making it one of the longest standing and most successful tutorial centres in Hong Kong.  


What is the Lemon Tree Philosophy? 

We understand that when it comes to learning English, ‘Getting It Right’ takes time and we believe that our students succeed when they are ‘Getting It Right, First Time, Every Time, a principle that we are committed to helping Lemon Tree students achieve in pursuit of higher English language standards.   

What is The Lemon Tree Way?  

The Lemon Tree Way (LTW) is a competency based English language programme, which incorporates international English programs and teaching methodologies, designed specifically for students attending Hong Kong based schools.  This way, our in-house programme and English Courses are best fit to meet the precise English learning and development needs of students living and studying in Hong Kong.