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LemonTree is a premier provider of English language training in Hong Kong. Lemon Tree students attend international and top choice primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong.

Secondary School Programme

Secondary School Programme

Secondary School is a time of accountability. Students are now responsible for putting it all together and making effective use of the English abilities developed over the years. They are expected to ‘Get English Right, First Time, Every Time’, a concept that the Lemon Tree Way programme considers fundamental for meeting the high standards of International and top-choice secondary schools in Hong Kong.
— Mr. Charles

Speaking and Conversation Development

At this stage students are required to fine-tune their speaking abilities. They are no longer learning how to speak; now the focus is on how to speak effectively, efficiently and with higher impact. 

During secondary school years, students must learn to demonstrate independent thought process, critical and abstract thinking and the ability to articulate ideas, thoughts and impressions independently and in effective manner. This is when top-performing secondary school students become persuasive speakers, capable of arguing their points, views and ideas effectively. 

Comprehension Development 

During secondary school, students encounter more challenging English in the form of literature, non-fiction, liberal studies and current affairs. They are now accountable for capably discussing and writing about these higher-level readings, topics and issues. 

Writing and Grammar

Writing Development 

International and top-choice secondary schools require a great deal of writing from students, who must become good at planning and organizing their work while demonstrating accuracy, proficiency and range of language use.  During these years, students develop the ability to write creative, logical and coherent pieces and produce high-quality short compositions and longer essays. 

Grammar Development

Grammar is a particularly demanding area of English learning at this time.  Students encounter advanced forms and a wide overall range of grammar. They must develop ability to incorporate effective use of grammar into their speech and writing, a requisite for becoming a proficient and sound communicator of English.