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LemonTree is a premier provider of English language training in Hong Kong. Lemon Tree students attend international and top choice primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong.

Primary School Programme

Primary School Programme



Students first learn to speak complete English sentences, using of a wide variety of sentence patterns. They next develop ability to produce multiple sentence responses and to give short presentations, necessary to meet Trinity Grade 1-3 Speaking Exams standards.   

Later, as students are introduced to higher grammar forms, they develop greater speaking accuracy and proficiency. Meanwhile weekly discussion and monthly presentation practice help students improve their ability to articulate thoughts, views and opinions effectively, a requisite for students to be successful during future Secondary School interviews.  


 Reading Development 

Students remain actively engaged in reading training throughout the Primary School years, focusing on the Oxford Reading Tree (Stages 5-9), Jack Dawes and other strategically chosen readings suitable for students at these ages.  

Comprehension Development  

Primary School is a challenging time for English learning. Students encounter a tremendous range of language requirements and must work hard and persevere to develop the ‘right set of English skills at the right time,’ a major theme of the Lemon Tree Way English learning program and a necessary requisite to achieve and meet the high standards of International and top-choice primary schools in Hong Kong.
— Mr. Charles

Demonstrating greater comprehension abilities at this stage will depend on the development of higher level speaking and writing abilities. These are highly emphasised parts of the programme at this time as is preparing students to do well on the CYL (Movers, Flyers, KET, PET) Exams.  


Writing Development  

Students will make great strides in their writing abilities during their Primary School years.  They will learn to write technically sound individual sentences, multiple sentence responses, short compositions as well as short essays. By the end of the Primary School years, students will be capable of developing and writing full compositions and short stories on an independent basis.  

Grammar Development 

Grammar becomes an important topic during Primary School. Students develop abilities to correctly use advanced grammar forms necessary to speak and write in accurate and proficient manner. Emphasis is placed on the recommended Trinity Grade 3-7 grammar requirements as well as traditional grammar studies encountered at International and top-choice primary schools. 


Secondary School Interview Preparation  

The Lemon Tree Way program incorporates Cambridge Young Learners (CYL) Movers, Flyers, KET and PET Exams as well as the Trinity Exam Grade 1-7 Speaking Exams exercises into the training program during primary school courses. Significant speaking and presentation exercises are included to help prepare students to succeed in International and top-choice secondary school interviews. 

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