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LemonTree is a premier provider of English language training in Hong Kong. Lemon Tree students attend international and top choice primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong.

Kindergarten Programmeme

Kindergarten school Programme


This is where it all begins when it comes to English learning. During early stages of the Lemon Tree Way English programme, young children participate in a playful and casual learning environment, using English as a medium of instruction and means of communication. This is when they establish language ‘Foundation and Structure’ and develop important early English skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
— Mr. Charles

Listening Development 

During early stages of the Lemon Tree Way programme, young children learn how to demonstrate listening abilities by responding to teacher instructions, answering teacher questions and interacting with classmates.  

Speaking Development 

Students learn to answer teacher questions clearly and respond to classmates using correct pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary. They further learn to speak full and complete English sentences based on the correct three-part (Subject-Verb-Object) English structure, an essential learning at this stage.  


Lemon Tree Way – Phonics Programme 

The Lemon Tree Way Phonics Programme guides students through five specific stages of Phonics training and development which teach children to:  

  1. Recognise and pronounce consonant and vowel letter sounds correctly  

  2. Recognise and pronounce combined (consonant + vowel) sounds  

  3. Recognise (consonant + vowel + consonant) syllable structures 

  4. Recognise and pronounce blended consonant sounds correctly 

  5. Recognise and pronounce less conventional consonants and long vowels 

Reading Development 

To complement intensive Phonics training, students make use of the educational and entertaining Oxford Reading Tree (First Words - Stage 4) stories. They are also taught to read important language required for taking the Cambridge Young Learners (CYL) – Starters Exam.  

Comprehension Development 

Students learn the necessary speaking and listening abilities required to demonstrate basic comprehension of teacher questions, instructions as well as basic short stories, songs and activities practised at this stage.  


Writing Development 

As part of the Lemon Tree Way programme, children develop hand-eye coordination necessary for writing. They further learn to write letters, English words, short phrases, and eventually complete sentences all prior to beginning more formal writing development as they progress to the Lemon Tree Way Primary School programme.  

English Structure & Grammar Development 

Much emphasis is placed on children understanding correct English (Subject-Verb-Object) structure. This is a critical learning that greatly impacts students’ future speaking and writing development. Students also learn simple English grammar recommended for the Trinity Exam Grade 1 and CYL-Starters exam.   


Primary School Interview Preparation  

The Lemon Tree Way programme incorporates CYL-Starters Exam, Trinity Grade 1 Speaking Exam as well as ESF interview style preparation in order to best prepare young students to succeed in International and top-choice primary school interviews.   

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